Dave Higgins Photography

Looking at life through nano-coated lenses

Lately I’ve been taking some photographs that explore the relationship between earthbound things and the sky. Here’s a sampling.

Cloud Tree – Hubbardton, VT 6/21/2011

Limb – Williamstown, MA 6/19/2011

Wheel Rake – Hubbardton, VT 6/21/2011

Birch – Williamstown, MA 6/19/2011

Fence – Hubbardton, VT 6/21/2011

Birches – Williamstown, MA – 6/19/2011

Trees & Clouds – Hubbardton, VT 6/21/2011

Meadow – Hubbardton, VT 6/21/2011

Pasture – Williamstown, MA 6/19/2011

Contours – Hubbardton, VT 6/21/2011

Slope – Williamstown, MA 6/19/2011

Predator or Prey? – 8/17/2011

Take a Bite – 8/17/2011

Letting Go – 8/17/2011

All photographs are © Dave Higgins and “Dave Higgins Photography,” 2011; all rights reserved.

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