Victory Woods

Victory Woods #1 – 9/19/2011

These photographs were taken in Victory Woods, site of the camp to which British General Burgoyne’s forces retreated for ten days before surrendering after the Battle of Saratoga – the first great American victory of the Revolutionary War. This site has recently been developed by the National Park Service, which also maintains the nearby Saratoga Battlefield.

Aside from the new trail and boardwalk – as well as the interpretive signs along them, the woods look pretty much like any other wooded area in the vicinity. Perhaps these photos can conjure up some of the spirit and emotions grounded in this spot.

We watched them stumble at last up the low hills of Saratoga, burning Schuyler’s fine house and buildings as they did so; and there on those heights, with their cattle and horses dying among them for lack of forage, they stayed day after day.

“Rabble In Arms” – Kenneth Roberts


Victory Woods #2 – 9/19/2011
Victory Woods #3 – 9/19/2011
Victory Woods #4 – 9/19/2011
Victory Woods #5 – 9/19/2011


Remnants of fortifications? Victory Woods – 9/19/2011

This photo isn’t part of the above series because I don’t feel it offers much aesthetically. However, I’m posting it here because of what it shows: the apparent remnants of part of the British fortifications. The raised area to the left appears to be man-made, and the low area in the center appears to be a placement for a cannon. (An artist’s rendering on a nearby interpretive sign seems to support this impression.) I was intrigued by this vestigial evidence of what happened in 1777.

For an interesting animated presentation about the Battle of Saratoga, be sure to visit this website.

Kenneth Roberts’ Rabble In Arms” offers an excellent “you are there” description of the events of the early Revolutionary War up to the fall of 1777. Be forewarned though that it reflects a writing style more in synch with the 1930’s rather than today. It takes about 100 pages before things get active.


All photographs are © Dave Higgins and “Dave Higgins Photography,” 2011; all rights reserved.

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