Dave Higgins Photography

Looking at life through nano-coated lenses

I took a lot of pictures in 2011 for this series. In keeping with my tradition of selecting the “best of” for each year, here are some of my favorites.

(Clicking on any image will allow you to enlarge it.)

♦ ♦

Christmas Tree – Saratoga, NY 6/30/2011

Fireworks – Mechanicville, NY 10/10/2011

Flags – Delmar, NY 7/14/2011

“Patience” – Albany, NY 7/14/11

“Git R Done” – Joshua, TX 11/9/11

“One of the Good Guys” – Joshua, TX 11/9/11

“Beloved Son and Brother” – Albany, NY 6/7/2011

Rocking Horse – Rainbow, TX 11/11/11

“We love you, Trent” – Rainbow, TX 11/11/11

“Beloved Son & Brother” – Union Hill, TX 11/9/11

Laptop – Godley, TX 11/11/11

Star Trek – Delmar, NY 7/14/2011

“Poo” – Waterford, NY 10/10/2011

“Grammy” & “Pawpaw” – Grandview, TX 11/10/11

“Dad” – Saratoga, NY 6/30/2011


Racetrack scene – Colonie, NY 10/10/2011

Lighthouse – Colonie, NY 10/10/2011

“I am not here” – Troy, NY 10/23/2011


“As you are now” – Union Hill, TX 11/9/11

♦ ♦

All photographs are © Dave Higgins and “Dave Higgins Photography,” 2011; all rights reserved.

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