We tend to view the “real” world as something Out There which we observe with detachment – as if we’re looking out a window. Actually, windows are  multidimensional; what we see looking through them can be influenced by reflections on our side of the glass. This has implications for how we view reality.

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Circling gulls – Albany, NY 11/1/11

Frames behind glass – Albany, NY 11/5/11

Aiming for the Harvest – Albany, NY 5/16/10

Grass counter – Albany, NY 5/12/11

Holographic plaza – Albany, NY 11/1/11

Sky Painter – Albany, NY 5/9/11

The Seasons sleep below our feet – Albany, NY 12/3/11

Golden Cross – Albany, NY 11/5/11

Seeing through – Albany, NY 5/12/11

Barbie in the grass – Albany, NY 5/16/10

Flash fountains – Albany, NY 11/5/11

Downward-looking Dog – Albany, NY 11/1/11

Carousel Sky – Albany, NY 11/5/11

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