Pickup Truck – Joshua, TX 11/6/2012

I’ve added a selection of photos for the As We Are Now series from my recent trip to Texas. As I continue to work on this series, I feel that I’m getting a  better sense of what I’m doing. This includes both lighting/time of day and equipment. For the former, I’ve gravitated towards very early and late in the day, when the light is softer and shadows are more of a factor. For me the most successful images in this series contain both colors and shadows as prime ingredients. In addition to being visually appealing, I think these elements reflect a tension not unlike that which exists between life and death.  Regarding equipment, when I first resumed photographing modern gravestones in 2008 (on a trip to Texas) I was using a Nikon D80 camera. It offered decent 10MP photographs, but was merely average compared to other cameras available at the time. This year I began using a Nikon D800, with a full-frame 36MP sensor that offers dramatically better resolution and richness in its images. With this great camera I’m seeking out both new subjects and settings as well as old subjects that deserve higher quality results. I think the outcome of all this has been my best Texas images since I started taking gravestone pictures there in 2008.