Hair’s to Lowly Puns

For whatever reason, many hairdressers and beauty salons seem to have a thing about puns and word plays when naming their businesses.  A look at the local yellow pages offered a variety of examples.

There I learned that you might easily find a salon on Mane Street, though if you’re traveling you might choose to get a cut at the Hairport. Your style may be on the Cutting Edge – possibly so unique that you’ll make Headlines, demonstrating your Shear Attitude as you Eclipps the style of your friends, which could wind up triggering some Head Games. If you’re Blown Away by boxing, you could find your Mane Attraction at the Mane Event, where you might encounter an Upper Cut. But once you find the perfect style everyone will say Hairs to You – you clearly know W’hair It’s At.

I noticed this phenomena a long time ago – when I got my hair cut at Hair to Eternity. (True!)

With all that background, while driving today I saw a salon whose name stopped me in my tracks:

"Curl Up & Dye" - Glens Falls, NY

Well now, that sounds inviting!  🙂  I wonder how they came up with the name. Did it have anything to do with the fact that the salon is just down the street from the local cemetery?  (Cue the spooky music…)

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