Updated “Ozymandias” Added

I’ve added what I feel is a “new and improved” version of “Ozymandias” to this site.

I originally posted a selection of images from this series in 2011. However, over time I grew dissatisfied with the selection of images and the way they looked. This often happens with me. After I live with something a while I occasionally get a sense that the aesthetics are off. This applies to my writings and my garden as well as my photography. Thankfully, it’s not as hard to redo some photographs as it is to move a shrub or tree!

For this series I came to feel that the original images were too harsh – and that some didn’t really work for the series. After some contemplation and exploration I decided that these images needed a more timeless, dream-like quality. I also changed the titles to something more poetic as well. (Giving an image a name that’s something other than “just the facts” is always a challenge for me.) The following comparison illustrates these changes:

Grand Master's End Game
Grand Master’s End Game

♦ ♦

Obelisks - 10/10/2011
Obelisks – 10/10/2011

I feel the new images better capture the spirit I want to convey for this series. What do you think?

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