April Snow at Albany Muny

After a recent stretch of wonderful spring warmth, on the night of April 15th we received a surprise 2 inches of snow. Early the next morning I decided to brave the black-iced streets and sidewalks and the cold winds to explore the old Albany Muny golf course. I’ve been fascinated by this course since I rediscovered it last fall. Though it is less than one mile from my house, until last fall I hadn’t visited it since I last played there 25 years ago. While the course was significantly altered and improved in the 90s, I’m drawn to the bizarrely hilly old holes that were abandoned in the process. Thankfully, Albany still maintains them (to some extent) as a hiking and nature preserve.

Here are some photos from yesterday’s walk.

♦ ♦

All photographs are © Dave Higgins and “Dave Higgins Photography,” 2014; all rights reserved.

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