Out & In

I am drawn to windows, doors, and other objects that define a boundary between what’s on one side of them and what’s on the other. We instinctively tend to respect such boundaries, finding distinctions between each of the two sides. For example, we break up structures into “interior” and “exterior” facets, each with their own distinct natures. By the same token, in our daily lives we tend to break up existence into the inner world of our psyche and what surrounds us “out there,” separate and apart from us.

However, these distinctions are products of our minds. In reality everything is interrelated, and how we see one side is inextricably related to and influenced by how we see the other. Sometimes we have the opportunity to perceive an aspect of this interconnectedness. My goal in this project is to discover and share these opportunities.

♦ ♦

(Clicking on any image will open a slide show.)

All photographs are © Dave Higgins and “Dave Higgins Photography,” 2010-2017; all rights reserved.

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