Photos In Garrison & Albany Shows

Two of my photographs are currently in shows!

One is in PHOTOcentric 2017, an international juried show in Garrison, NY. “Pack of Nippers” is an image of a group of unpainted Nipper statuettes I stumbled across in the Albany area. (In photography, timing is key. I recently went back to this spot and discovered all of these Nippers are gone. I’m glad I found them when I did!))

“Pack of Nippers”

The other is in the Albany Center Gallery’s annual Members’ Show. “November Wind, Fort Worth” was another image I stumbled across – this one outside the entrance of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art in Fort Worth, Texas. A weather front had just come through and it was very windy. While I was first drawn to the sky and the Fort Worth skyline, I eventually noticed all the chairs that had blown over. As luck would have it, the only chair that remained upright wound up being perfectly placed for the composition.

“November Wind, Fort Worth”

♦ ♦

All photographs are © Dave Higgins and “Dave Higgins Photography,” 2017; all rights reserved.

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