Footprints (& Footwear) Along The Paluxy

The Paluxy River around Dinosaur Valley in Texas offers dinosaur footprints that are millions of years old. I’ve visited the state park in which these footprints can be seen on a couple occasions, most recently in April, 2021. During that recent visit I encountered a mystery: recurring instances of recently abandoned footwear. (All evidence points to their recent vintage – in spite of crackpot claims by some that humans walked with dinosaurs in this area.) Wanting to do my part for science, I photographed this mysterious footwear. Each was photographed as found, untouched or positioned by me. These images document its existence. But the mystery remains: don’t these humans notice they’re missing something when they walk away from the river?

Dinosaur footprints, photographed November, 2014. (Water level was much lower then.)
Fuchsia shoe (April, 2021)
Black and green sock (April 2021)
Nike shoe (April 2021)
Colorful socks (April 2021)
Boot (April 2021)
Human Footprints! (April 2021) Taken along the Paluxy a couple miles away from the state park. They were definitely NOT from the time of dinosaurs.

♦ ♦

All photographs are © Dave Higgins and “Dave Higgins Photography,” 2021; all rights reserved.

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