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Any cemetery of decent size has a section devoted to military veterans. In addition, practically any cemetery has veterans’ headstones decorated with American flags scattered among the graves. But when you visit a national cemetery you are likely to be struck by the sheer number of graves of veterans and their spouses. These numbers have grown significantly with the aging of veterans of WWII, Korea and Vietnam. On this Memorial Day weekend, let’s pause a moment to remember all those who served our country.

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I was down in Texas last week, visiting family and enjoying some great weather. (Certainly much nicer than cold and gloomy upstate New York!)  While there I made a lot of photographs, including about 30GB-worth for the As We Are Now series. I’m currently going through and culling/processing the best of those images, and will soon post a selection here.

Meanwhile, here’s a photo of an old gravestone that offers a variation of the popular epitaph that inspired the name of this series.

“Remember me as you pass by…” – Union Hill, TX 11/9/2012

 Remember me as you pass by

As you are now so once was I

As I am now so you shall be

Prepare for death and follow me

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