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Going through some recent photos I came across this one, taken Christmas time at The Clark in Williamstown, MA. The books are on the upper front and back walls of this lobby area. There is no way to get to them unless you have a ladder.

The Sad Fate Of Decorative Books

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After arriving in Texas recently for a visit, my sister (a master naturalist) took me to Stella Rowan Prairie. SRP is a rare, tiny remnant of the original grassland prairies that once covered the Great Plains – before much of them were wiped out by development and agriculture. It ironically resides in the middle of some of that development, between Fort Worth and Dallas. While the area just looks like boring grass from the distance, once you get closer you find there’s a wonderful array of diverse grasses and flowers – many of which are in bloom this time of year.

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All photographs are © Dave Higgins and “Dave Higgins Photography,” 2017; all rights reserved.