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Victory Woods #1 – 9/19/2011

These photographs were taken in Victory Woods, site of the camp to which British General Burgoyne’s forces retreated for ten days before surrendering after the Battle of Saratoga – the first great American victory of the Revolutionary War. This site has recently been developed by the National Park Service, which also maintains the nearby Saratoga Battlefield.

Aside from the new trail and boardwalk – as well as the interpretive signs along them, the woods look pretty much like any other wooded area in the vicinity. Perhaps these photos can conjure up some of the spirit and emotions grounded in this spot.

We watched them stumble at last up the low hills of Saratoga, burning Schuyler’s fine house and buildings as they did so; and there on those heights, with their cattle and horses dying among them for lack of forage, they stayed day after day.

“Rabble In Arms” – Kenneth Roberts

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Lately I’ve been taking some photographs that explore the relationship between earthbound things and the sky. Here’s a sampling.

Cloud Tree – Hubbardton, VT 6/21/2011

Limb – Williamstown, MA 6/19/2011

Wheel Rake – Hubbardton, VT 6/21/2011

Birch – Williamstown, MA 6/19/2011

Fence – Hubbardton, VT 6/21/2011

Birches – Williamstown, MA – 6/19/2011

Trees & Clouds – Hubbardton, VT 6/21/2011

Meadow – Hubbardton, VT 6/21/2011

Pasture – Williamstown, MA 6/19/2011

Contours – Hubbardton, VT 6/21/2011

Slope – Williamstown, MA 6/19/2011

Predator or Prey? – 8/17/2011

Take a Bite – 8/17/2011

Letting Go – 8/17/2011

All photographs are © Dave Higgins and “Dave Higgins Photography,” 2011; all rights reserved.

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Modern science tells us at the most basic level everything is simultaneously an individual (particle) and part of a collective (wave). However, we can never see both of these qualities at the same time: how we look at something will determine whether we see it as one or the other. Furthermore, what we see of an individual thing can be shaped by its relationship to the collective.

This sounds rather abstract and esoteric; but there are examples of this principle everywhere in our day-to-day life. For instance, it’s something I’ve been exploring by photographing leaves…

Leaves – Christman Santuary, 8/30/2009

Leaves and Forest – Christman Sanctuary, 8/30/2009

Trunk and Leaves – Thacher Park, 8/16/2009

Hidden Trunk – Lawson Lake, 7/3/2010

Right Branch – Lawson Lake, 7/3/2010

Left Branch – Lawson Lake, 7/3/2010

Tree Silhoutte – Lawson Lake, 7/3/2010

Maples – Christman Sanctuary, 8/30/2009

All photographs are © Dave Higgins and “Dave Higgins Photography,” 2011; all rights reserved.

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I’m not a big fan of going out and taking pictures during the winter; it’s generally cold and I’d rather be skiing if I’m going to be out in the elements. But this has been a particularly cold and snowy winter, so if I want to take pictures I have to just bite the bullet, dress warmly and get out there. Here’s a sampling of winter photos; click on any image to see a larger version.

Catskill Sunrise, 2/24/2011


Sunrise, 2/26/2011


Locked Gate, 2/26/2011


Hay Rolls #1, 2/26/2011


Field, 2/26/2011


Snowy Woods, 2/26/2011


Open Field, 2/26/2011


Meadow and Trees, 2/26/2011


Trees, 2/26/2011


Snow-filled Lane, 2/26/2011


In early March we had an ice and snow storm. Usually the ice quickly melts after such a storm, especially one in March. But this time the temperature didn’t get much above freezing for a few days. Combined with the March sun, this led to a subtle thaw and refreeze cycle that led to some interesting effects.  Here’s a sampling…


Ice on Fence #1 - 3/7/2011


Witch-hazel flowers - 3/7/2011


Frozen droplet - 3/9/2011


Ice on Fence #2 - 3/7/2011


All photographs are © Dave Higgins and “Dave Higgins Photography,” 2011; all rights reserved.

Some additional winter photos done in black & white infrared can be viewed here.

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Back in the 1970′s I spent some time taking black and white infrared photographs at Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville, NY. Those photographs became known as my “Isles of Light” series – my most successful series of photographs as far as other viewers were concerned. It was a featured exhibit at Soho Photo in New York City, and photos from that series appeared in various other exhibits.

These photographs remind me of that “Isles of Light” series. Some of them were taken at the Christman Sanctuary, which offers scenic walks through fields and woods and along the Bozenkill.


Forest Light - Lawson Lake, 7/3/2010


Poison Ivy - Lawson Lake, 7/3/2010

Leaves & Trees - Christman Sanctuary, 8/30/2009



Witch-Hazel - Lawson Lake, 7/3/2010



Forest - Christman Sanctuary, 8/30/09



Leaves and Shadows - Lawson Lake, 7/3/2010

Sedge & Stream- Christman Sanctuary, 8/30/2009

Hemlocks - Christman Sanctuary, 8/30/2009



Life In Rock - Thacher Park, 8/16/2009

Red Pines - Christman Sanctuary, 8/30/2009

All photographs are © Dave Higgins and “Dave Higgins Photography,” 2009 & 2010; all rights reserved.

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