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Once again I joined a large group of folks in celebrating Thanksgiving in the woods the farm of friends. It’s always a wonderful event, which combines great food and the opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones in a beautiful natural setting. A big question this year involved the weather. Snow fell on the higher elevations around the New York Capital District a few days earlier, and some light snow, sleet and rain were reportedly possible during the day. Thankfully the weather held off until after we ate, and even then the hemlock woods provided a natural covering. All in all, it was a great time.

All photographs are © Dave Higgins and “Dave Higgins Photography,” 2016; all rights reserved.

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As I noted a couple years ago, friends Shari and Dick host a unique Thanksgiving gathering every year. Rather than cramming everyone into the dining room, dinner is served “under the hemlocks” – out in the woods that are part of their farm.

While I’ve been greatly enjoying these dinners for seven years, yesterday’s was particularly memorable because it came less than 12 hours after a major storm left us with about 10 inches of new snow. Thanks to the hard work of Shari, Dick and their friends, the dinner went off without a hitch. In fact, the new snow added a special something to the atmosphere.

While the plentiful snow was different this year, other traditions continued: at about 1:00 everyone gathered in a big circle and sang the Shaker hymn “Simple Gifts,” which was then followed by a wonderful full-course dinner. Afterwards people gathered around the two working fires for warmth and conversation. At some point the satiated guests started heading back out of the woods. Those of us who lingered until after dark found an added benefit from the recent snow: it was much easier to follow the road in the luminescent darkness.

Here are a few photos from the day.

The Shaker melody “Simple Gifts” is a perfect song for a Thanksgiving celebration. It is also fitting because the Shakers had several of their earliest American settlements in the area.

All photographs are © Dave Higgins and “Dave Higgins Photography,” 2014; all rights reserved.

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After a recent stretch of wonderful spring warmth, on the night of April 15th we received a surprise 2 inches of snow. Early the next morning I decided to brave the black-iced streets and sidewalks and the cold winds to explore the old Albany Muny golf course. I’ve been fascinated by this course since I rediscovered it last fall. Though it is less than one mile from my house, until last fall I hadn’t visited it since I last played there 25 years ago. While the course was significantly altered and improved in the 90s, I’m drawn to the bizarrely hilly old holes that were abandoned in the process. Thankfully, Albany still maintains them (to some extent) as a hiking and nature preserve.

Here are some photos from yesterday’s walk.

♦ ♦

All photographs are © Dave Higgins and “Dave Higgins Photography,” 2014; all rights reserved.

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I’m not a big fan of going out and taking pictures during the winter; it’s generally cold and I’d rather be skiing if I’m going to be out in the elements. But this has been a particularly cold and snowy winter, so if I want to take pictures I have to just bite the bullet, dress warmly and get out there. Here’s a sampling of winter photos; click on any image to see a larger version.

Catskill Sunrise, 2/24/2011


Sunrise, 2/26/2011


Locked Gate, 2/26/2011


Hay Rolls #1, 2/26/2011


Field, 2/26/2011


Snowy Woods, 2/26/2011


Open Field, 2/26/2011


Meadow and Trees, 2/26/2011


Trees, 2/26/2011


Snow-filled Lane, 2/26/2011


In early March we had an ice and snow storm. Usually the ice quickly melts after such a storm, especially one in March. But this time the temperature didn’t get much above freezing for a few days. Combined with the March sun, this led to a subtle thaw and refreeze cycle that led to some interesting effects.  Here’s a sampling…


Ice on Fence #1 - 3/7/2011


Witch-hazel flowers - 3/7/2011


Frozen droplet - 3/9/2011


Ice on Fence #2 - 3/7/2011


All photographs are © Dave Higgins and “Dave Higgins Photography,” 2011; all rights reserved.

Some additional winter photos done in black & white infrared can be viewed here.

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