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Halloween Decorations – Texas 11/5/2010

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As I keep updating the website, I’ve added “As We Are Now – Best of 2008 Through 2010.” It offers a look at some photos from the first three years of this series…including some unusual cemetery folk art that seems timely right now.

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Infrared photos can have a beautiful, dreamlike quality. Cemeteries on a sunny day can offer a sense of peaceful beauty. But put them both together and the results can be somewhat spooky…

Chapel – Oakwood Cemetery, 9/6/2009

“Behold The Open Door” – Geneva, 6/5/2009

Grieving Woman – Albany Rural Cemetery, 5/23/2009

Mausoleum – Albany Rural Cemetery, 5/23/2009

Broken Pillar – Albany Rural Cemetery, 5/23/2009

Shaker Cemetery – Colonie, 7/1/2010

“Oliver” – Oakwood Cemetery, 9/6/2009

High Cross – Albany Rural Cemetery, 5/23/2009

Mausoleum with Roads – Albany Rural Cemetery, 5/23/2009

Tracy Mausoleum – Oakwood Cemetery, 9/6/2009

Crematorium – Oakwood Cemetery, 9/6/2009

All photographs are © Dave Higgins and “Dave Higgins Photography,” 2011; all rights reserved.

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