Laser Printed Gravestones

At a recent show that included a couple of my gravestone photos from “As We Are Now,” some viewers apparently believed I had added the photo on a stone with Photoshop. I guess they didn’t know what’s been happening with some modern gravestones.

“Put Out To Greener Pastures” – Texas

A few years ago The Atlantic had an interesting article – “Lasers For The Dead” – about a new technology for modern gravestones. Drawing from a visit to a New York City cemetery, the article tells the interesting story of how new laser equipment enabled monument companies to embed photographs on gravestones. The article concludes with some thoughts on how this new technology reflects on our time and place:

Death doesn’t change. But that doesn’t mean that death escapes its time or culture. The older sections of Washington Cemetery have an identifiable style, too, Ciamaga said. The new stones are just the latest one. But if that’s true, then these stones say something about the times in which we now live and die.

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Photographs is © Dave Higgins and “Dave Higgins Photography,” 2017; all rights reserved.

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